It’s Brave, Savoury and Delicious.  It’s also a world first!

Mary’s homemade Kimchi meets our London Dry Gin. Aromatic, smooth, savoury and tangy, this is the authentic taste of Korea, bottled. The Kimchi used is hand made to an ancient recipe by our very own Mary.  It’s then matured for several months to develp a deep flavour before being cold distilled and Twisted into our London Dry Gin.

Whilst this is a newly launched product, Kimchi Gin was in fact worked on extensively 3 years ago pre-launch. We had so many ideas back then and we loved this Gin very much, but decided not to include with our launch offerings. So tasty and savoury, this really is a mind blowing Gin but we just didn’t think the world was ready for such an ‘out there’ Gin back then. 


  • Serving Suggestions:
    • Treat your taste buds and try our world first Kimchi Gin as a replacement for Vodka in a Bloody Mary, (or in a Red Snapper where Gin is used instead of Vodka). We like to call this little number a Twisted Bloody Kim. Go mad and throw in all the veg from your fridge for garnish and to nibble on whilst you enjoy. If you like savoury, try it, you’ll won’t be dissapointed!
    • For a savoury siping treat, make up a Martini with our Kimchi Gin.
    • Kimchi Gin takes a Negroni to a whole new level – a great savoury aperitif


Important Disclaimer!

This Gin is a world first and really is nothing like any other Gin you’ve ever tried. This Gin is Savoury, tangy, umami and tastes exactly like Kimchi with Juniper. If you don’t know what Kimchi is, Google it first and make sure you know what to expect from this mind blowing creation. You can use Kimchi Gin in a G&T if you like, but it works much better as a Twisted Bloody Kim (see below). If you dare brave with tonic, we suggest Franklin & Son Rosemary and Black Olive.


    “This Gin is so out there that we’re only making 500 bottles and they’re only available in 20cl size, via our online shop. Be quick!”

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