Ginspirational Miniatures Bundle with 2 FREE tonics

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Our best selling Premium Miniature Selection Gift Pack consisting of three 5cl bottles of premium gin

  • Kaffir Lime & Lemongrass Gin
  • Earl Grey Gin
  • Douglas-Fir Gin

Bundle includes two bottles of Franklin & Sons Tonic, for FREE!

Our tonic pairing recommendations and garnishes are;

Premium GinRecommended TonicsGarnish
Kaffir Lime & LemongrassMallorcan
Natural Light
Elderflower with Cucumber
Slice of fresh ginger or mint

Earl GreyMallorcan
Natural Light
Slice of lemon
Sprig of rosemary
Douglas-FirPink Grapefruit with Hibiscus
Rosemary with Black Olive (Savoury)

Slice of Pink Grapefruit
Sprig of rosemary
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