Douglas-Fir Distilled Gin 41.5% ABV 70cl

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Douglas-Fir Gin is our take on a London Dry Gin, but with our signature twist.

“A clear gin with pleasing viscosity and an immediately appealing nose, intensely aromatic of herbs: lavender, rosemary perhaps and yes, fir needles. Coriander follows on with a lower noted presence. Wonderfully oily on the palate, great mouthfilling presence, releasing a zesty citrus presence. The flavour journey is delighting us.” - Great Taste Awards 2019 judges comments.

Our Douglas-Fir needles are personally hand foraged by the distiller in and around the South Oxfordshire area from a secret selection of trees.

Serve with a premium unflavoured tonic with a slice of red grapefruit as garnish.Or choose a grapefruit flavoured tonic to really highlight the notes of this complex gin.

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