Douglas-Fir Distilled Gin

Douglas-Fir Gin is our take on a London Dry Gin, but with our signature twist.


Gratifyingly resinous, smooth & mysteriously complex. Award winning Dry Gin, cold distilled with hand foraged Douglas-Fir for Extra intrigue. Nature’s exquisite forest bouquet, bottled.

“A clear gin with pleasing viscosity and an immediately appealing nose, intensely aromatic of herbs:  lavender, rosemary perhaps and yes, fir needles.  Coriander follows on with a lower noted presence.  Wonderfully oily on the palate, great mouthfilling presence, releasing a zesty citrus presence.  The flavour journey is delighting us.” – Great Taste Awards 2019 judges comments.

The Douglas-Fir needles used in our Douglas-Fir Distilled Gin are personally hand foraged by the distiller in and around the South Oxfordshire area from a secret selection of trees.

Serve with a natural tonic with a slice of red grapefruit as garnish.  Or choose a grapefruit flavoured tonic to really highlight the notes of this complex gin.

  • Taste: Grapefruit, Lemon, Pine, Citrus, cut grass
  • Garnish: Anything Citrus works well with the Douglas-Fir profile, however we recommend a slice of red grapefruit. Just be careful not to over do it as you’ll miss the intricacies of the Douglas-Fir.
  • Tonic: Serve with a premium unflavoured tonic with a slice of pink grapefruit as garnish.  Or choose a grapefruit flavoured tonic to really highlight the notes of this complex gin.
  • Botanicals: 11 as listed on the bottle label
  • ABV: 41.5%

Did you know there’s more to discover about our Douglas-Fir gin?  Why not read on below to find out more from the distiller?

We became curious about the use Douglas-Fir as a botanical after seeing various food programs promoting its use and unique taste.  The concept seemed a bit strange at first, using a tree to make gin, but actually it does make sense.  Afterall Juniper is from a ‘berry’ from a tree and that forms the basis of all gins.

So the next challenge we faced was where to actually source Douglas-Fir and in what form?  This is not a native tree to the UK, instead it was introduced in 1827 by botanist David Douglas (hence the name).  That being the case, these trees are rare and have to have been planted rather than wild seeded.  After a lot or searching we were lucky enough to find a selection of trees, plus obtain permission to forage from the landowner.

To produce our Douglas-Fir Distilled Gin we hand forage these Douglas-Fir needles from a selection of trees.  Then we portion up a quantity from each tree to form a recipe within a recipe.  These needles are then cold distilled at a very precise temperate and vacuum to extract their fresh flavours.  This is the best way to add those amazing forest notes into gin because both hot distilling an infusing produce a bitter tannic taste, with the latter also adding a cloudy green hue which could be considered off putting.  Our Douglas-Fir Distilled gin is completely clear with a wonderful fresh nose reminiscent of walking through a forest in autumn.

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