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Here’s an overview about us here at Twisting Spirits and how we do what we do to produce our award winning gins.  You can read more about our personal journey, or the mystery of our bottles by clicking below


Launched in 2017, we had the vision to craft a new range of gins that were genuinely different than others in terms of flavour, quality and packaging.  We did that because we believed that the world was ready for something exciting and unusual.  We saw a great opportunity to create something very different, something with big, bold flavour profiles, bright modern packaging and transparency of ingredients.  From what we could see this had never been done before and therefore represented an exciting challenge for us to get our teeth into.

The brand was born in Oxfordshire and operated from our tiny converted garage.  We’ve since expanded and have a small unit in neighbouring Gloucestershire where we plan to develop more exciting new Gins for your enjoyment.  We still distil, fill and label each and every bottle by hand (no contract distilling here), passionately produced using hot and cold distillation techniques to delivery a massive burst of flavour.  

Using a unique dual distillation process the Gins we produce are quite different and distinctive.  First we produce a fine Gin using traditional processes and equipment.  Each distillation run is tiny.  The alcohol and a minimum ten quality botanicals are slowly distilled in a traditional copper alembic pot still, fusing the oils and tastes together creating a very high strength Gin.  This is then diluted with pure water to a much more drinkable 41.5% where the flavours and aromas are perfectly expressed.

Meanwhile, the lighter speciality botanicals are cold distilled in high quality alcohol, under vacuum using a rotary evaporator.  This equipment is something straight out a lab and as cutting edge as it gets when it comes to distillation technologies.  Why the cold distillation?  Well, the main reason is to preserve the delicate tastes and aromas that would otherwise be transformed, cooked, muted or even lost altogether in the high temperatures inherent to the Alembic still process.  

Finally the two distillations are ‘twisted’ together to produce the finished Gin – perfectly balanced and bursting with fresh aromas and taste.  Our current range consists of three premium Gins initially (We’ll be adding more exciting Gins soon); Douglas-Fir, Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass and Earl Grey Gin.  

We are literally Twisting Spirits, enjoy!

Mary Bateman

Mary Bateman

Co Founder

My love of cooking has helped us to develop our gin range with our Kaffir Lime & Lemongrass coming from my slight obsession with making the perfect Thai Green Curry paste.  Daily jobs range from bottle labelling, marketing, box assembly and of course distillery assistant to Richard. I am really proud to be part of Twisting Spirits and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Richard Bateman

Richard Bateman

Co Founder and Distiller

Self taught distiller, lover of fish & chips and real ale, I like a good movie and my cats. I am the other half of Twisting Spirits, alongside my wife Mary.  From Yorkshire roots I spent the last 17 years in Oxfordshire working in IT  circles before launching Twisting Spirits.  and relocating to Gloucestershire in 2018.  I get up to most things from distilling, through to product development, sales and TS web site development.

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