So, you want to know what our plans are for are for 2020?  Well, since you ask…  

Yep, you read it first here – we are going to be releasing 3 new gins.  ?We have been wanting to do this for ages, but moving house and distillery, along with a few other things meant we did not have time.  We have 2 fairly classic gins (well for us anyway) and one that will blow your mind!  For now, they are a secret, but keep an eye out on here to discover when they are available ?

Yep, again, we have been going on about getting a larger copper still for a while now.  This (?) will be the year it happens! Rich and I have visited other distillers all over the country and we are now putting in an application to get a small amount of funding towards our purchase.  Until then, we will continue to use our original 30 Litre stills which we have been using since starting up in our garage. 

Ok, not so exciting, but currently is it 9°C in the distillery and my boiler is broken at home = blue fingers  ?

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